How To Get Tight And Loose Curls With Flexi Rods?

Do you want to know how to get curls with Flexi rods? Most women nowadays use Flexi rods as a heatless curling method to make beautiful bouncy curls on natural hair and weave without causing damage. Flexi rods are available in varying thicknesses. Generally, they are 7” long foam rods that can be adjusted and twisted to give desirable curls.

One can simply wrap their hair around the Flexi rods or bend the Flexi rods to make them hold a section of hair. Creating gorgeous and long-lasting curls becomes easier using Flexi rods without causing any damage that normally results from heating tools. You should test different-sized Flexi rods to compare and understand which one should be used to get curls.

What Hair Types Can Use Flexi Rods?
The best thing about Flexi rods is that anyone can use them to get beautiful curls. It doesn’t matter what hair texture you are curling – whether it’s curly, wavy, or fine – Flexi rods can help get defined curls. However, the hair texture will determine how many Flexi rods will be required for the curling process.

How To Get Heatless Curls With Flexi Rods On Weaves?
Take a paddle brush to remove tangles from a section of the hair that needs to be curled. On that particular section of hair, spray some water. Then, wrap over Flexi rod those parts of hair various times. After rolling the Flexi rod around the scalp, bend its ends to hold the hair in place.

Repeat the same curling technique for each section of hair that needs to be curled. Before sleeping, wrap your head using a silk or satin scarf or bonnet. Remove Flexi rods in the morning to see the beautiful curls unfurl.

How Do You Know Which Flexi Rods Are Best?
The type and thickness of the best Flexi rod will depend on how tight you want the curls to become. If the rod is wider, you will get loose curls. Generally, Flexi rods have a thickness of 7/8 to ¼ inches. You should choose a thinner rod for tighter curls. Jumbo rods are the best for women who want loose curly hair.

Various factors determine how many Flexi rods will be required to get desired curly hair. The number of Flexi rods that should be added will depend on the fullness, length, and texture of your hair. Moreover, the curly hairstyle that you prefer will also increase or decrease the number of Flexi rods. Generally, women need more than 20 Flexi rods to complete their set.

Here’s what you’ll need to get curls with Flexi rods:

– Flexi rods
– Hair oil
– Foaming mousse
– Detangling brush
– Light leave-in conditioner
– Hooded dryer
Step-By-Step Instructions To Get Curls Using Flexi Rods
1 – Start With Freshly Washed Hair
Before starting, you have to ensure the hair is fresh and clean. Some women make the mistake of using Flexi rods without cleaning their hair. Due to product buildup in hair, their curls look limp.

After applying the shampoo and washing hair, you should use a conditioner to massage the scalp and hydrate the hair strands. Once the hair has been cleaned, you can apply a light leave-in conditioner to add some extra moisture and remove any knots or tangles.

2 – Detangle Your Hair
You should part the hair into 4-6 sections based on the thickness and length of the hair. Parting hair will make the detangling process easier. Start detangling from the ends of hair strands. Most women with long hair start detangling from the roots and deal with hair breakage.

3 – Apply Foaming Mousse
Take one to two pumps of foaming mousse to massage hair. You should always start light and gradually build up when there is a requirement for more products—those who apply too much foam notice that their hair has reverted to its original state.

Women who have super-tight curl patterns should apply some gel to their ends. This is necessary because it seals the ends and provides a sleeker finish when` the rods are removed. Alternatively, on the ends of hair strands, you can tie wrapping papers to see a similar effect.

4 – Wrap Your Hair Around Flexi Rods
Using a windmill motion, begin from the ends to wind the hair and curl with Flexi rods. When you twist the hair, the Flexi rods will also turn and make a spiral curl. You will not only get a similar effect of the curling wand but also, this process will give extra volume to the hair. Since you want the curls to fall in a certain direction, lay the rods accordingly in the same direction.

You can either move the rods towards the face or against it. Those wrapping their hair up the Flexi rods should get extremely close to their root for a secure and tight hold. After reaching the top, you should bend both the rod’s ends towards each other to keep the rod from slipping.

5 – Sit Under A Hooded Dryer Or Air-Dry
After the wrapping process, you have two choices. Either go heat-free or sit under a hood-dryer for more than 30 minutes. Those who have selected the heat-less technique should leave the Flexi rods on their hair overnight.

You can take them out after waking up in the morning. However, women sitting under a hood dryer also won’t damage their natural hair because they are not applying the heat directly.

6 – Remove The Rods
After the hair has turned completely dry, you can cautiously remove the Flexi rods by moving them in a counter-clockwise motion so that the curls hold their shape. Once all the rods are removed, you have to apply some oil using fingertips and separate each curl into 3-4 parts. And there you go!

We hope now you understand getting curls with Flexi rods is better than using hard rollers, sock curls, and curling wands. Moreover, these rods are considered better than other products for hairstyling. You will get curls without causing any damage to natural hair or weaves.

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