stylish-and-popular-square-face-hairstyle-for-women-in-2022 Stylish And Popular Square Face Hairstyle For Women In 2022

When it comes to hairstyles, eyebrow shapes, and glasses, you have to select them based on face shape. Unlike round and oval faces, people with square faces can instantly grab attention. Their face is considered photogenic, and they age gracefully. However, just like any face shape, you have to find the best square face hairstyle that can enhance the facial features. Here are the top 13 hairstyles that women with square faces should get:

1 – Wavy Texture
You can get the hairstyle like actress Rosario Dawson who generally adds curls and natural waves in her hairstyle. Since she has a strong jawline, this hairstyle makes her look best by softening her angular features. To achieve a similar wavy texture, use a volumizing mousse to increase the volume of the curly hair. Then, take a curling iron to make bouncy waves.

2 – Dramatic Side Part
Check the haircut of Zendaya. She carried to the dramatic side part amazingly. Most hairstylists don’t suggest this haircut to women with long faces. However, those with a square face are gorgeous with side parts and lengthy hair.

The key point you can keep in mind is that women who have square faces should add volume to their hair. To achieve a side part square face hairstyle, you can use iron to create bouncy curls instead of a flat iron. To soften the wave pattern, avoid curling in the same direction. Use a spray to make textures.

3 – Textured Shoulder-Length
You can get long locks with a flat-ironed hairstyle like Gwyneth Paltrow. She has parted the hair in the middle to create a curtain effect. Then, she chose the flat iron option to soften the sharp edges of the jawline. The hairstyle beautifully flaunts her amazing cheekbones. Since you have to part the hair in the middle, ensure that the haircut doesn’t include several long layers.

4 – Long And Textured Layers
Actress Priyanka Chopra has carried long and textured layered haircuts in several events. You can experiment with this haircut in various ways and use creams to add volume around the layers. Moreover, the length of the hair can be kept till the shoulder.

5 – Tousled Bob

Most women with square faces prefer long bobs. However, you should make sure the hair is smooth and layered for the best effect. Don’t choose blunt bob or sharp ones that hit at your chin.

Such haircuts can create not only a boxy effect but also accentuate your jawline. You can take inspiration from actress Keira Knightley who knows about the best square face hairstyle. Hairstyles carried by her elongate her face and soften edges around the jawline.

6 – Long And Soft Bob
According to a hairstylist, to get a haircut like an actress Gabrielle Union, you should ask the stylist to cut using a razor. Most women with straight and wavy hair use razors to soften the ends and make new layers. This haircut can draw attention towards the jawline while removing bluntness and weight.

7 – Textured Layers
Generally, shoulder-length hair looks great on women with any face shape. However, you can get inspiration from textured layers haircuts carried by model Kate Moss. The square-faced actress looks gorgeous with a haircut that softens the sharp and angular jawline. For this lengthy hair, you can use a flat iron.

However, while creating hairstyles, ensure the product is a heat protectant. Several blowout lotions can protect the hair up to some degree while conditioning and adding shine to the hair. You should apply the lotion when the hair is damp. Before ironing, turn the hair smooth by removing tangles.

8 – Featured Shoulder-Length
Featured shoulder-length is the best square face hairstyle. Mandy Moore carried a shoulder-length flattering hairstyle with grace. Her long layers started just below the chin. If you want to remove attention from the jawline, choose this haircut with long hair.

9 – Mid-Length With Bangs
Actress Kerry Washington flaunted this classic mid-length haircut with bangs. This soft hairstyle has timeless appeal. To soften the jawline, you can include side-swept bangs. Keep the hair length just above the bust. You will be able to create several hairstyles by keeping the hair mid-length.

10 – Wavy With Bangs
You can get side-swept bangs to soften jawline like square-faced actress Olivia Wilde. She looks gorgeous and flawless with long locks. Since the texture is important, you should use the best quality shine spray for creating waves and bangs.

11 – Voluminous Curls
Women with square faces should take advantage by adding long layers to their hairstyle. You can add voluminous curls and keep side-swept bangs. Take inspiration from Maria Shriver and add layers that start at the jawline. Textured layers can be styled in various ways, from beach waves to curls and straight hair.

If you have dry hair, create beach waves using a heat protectant. Start from the front and hairline and cover the hair strands while curling. You should use a wide-toothed comb to break the waves into different parts. Then, apply texturizing spray for a longer-lasting effect. For bouncier waves, you should wrap more hair around the curling iron.

12 – Textured Pixie
Zoe Kravitz demonstrates how flattering this choppy haircut can look. For a soft and youthful appearance, you must choose a short textured pixie. This haircut can bring attention to height and movement while softening the corners of the jawline.

13 – Casual Updo
Square-faced actress Minnie Driver has flaunted natural and super curly hair on several occasions. The soft and wavy curls beautifully frame her face. You can use a salt spray or cream to enhance natural texture. Straightener can be used to get a casual updo without curls. For texture, you should complete the look with a balm.

We hope now you understand the best square face hairstyle that is popular. You should choose the hairstyle based on the type of hair. Use curling irons to add waves and enhance the overall look. One of the best things is women with square faces can experiment with different haircuts. Don’t forget to increase volume by using creams and a volumizer.

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